Sit N Fold

  • Comfortable high chair
  • Light and small foldable
  • Storage basket for toys
  • Depth-adjustable food tray with cup hole and elevated edge
  • High, adjustable backrest and generous seat

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Comfy seat

Your little one can make him or herself comfortable thanks to the particularly large and high backrest that can be ajdusted in different positions with one hand only. In addition, the food tray can be adjusted in depth.

Large tray

For plates, bowls and co.

Thanks to the elevated edge and cup molding, everything will remain in place. Nevertheless, should something be spilled, the tray can be removed for cleaning. And when not needed, it can be simply hanged on the chassis.

Small folding


After having eaten, the extremely light and compact high chair can be folded down slimly by pushing both lateral buttons. This way, Sit N Fold can be stored in any niche of your house.

Sit N Fold

In this comfy high chair, your little one will always find the perfect position - the backrest can be bent backwards and the food tray adjusted in depth. Sit N Fold guarantees relaxed mealtimes with the whole family. And afterwards, this extremely light high chair can be folded down slimly by simply pushing a button.

Comfortable and safe. Your child will sit comfortably in this softly padded high chair with high backrest that can be brought in lying position by using one hand only. The little feet will find place on the footrest, while the slip-through protection and 5-point harness guarantee your little one's safety.

Large food tray. The large tray can be adjusted in different depths in order to adapt to your child's height. The pratical cup molding and elevated border ensure that everything stays in place. Should something spill over, the tray can be removed for cleaning. Thanks to the high chair coming along with a tray, it can be used anywhere in the apartment independent of whether there is a table or not. During mealtime, the toys can be stored away in the basket underneath the seat. And when not needed, the tray can be simply hung up on the high chair's side.

Fast and slim folding. After having eaten, Sit'n Fold can be folded down fastly and slimly by simply pushing the lateral buttons. This way, you can store it away space-savingly in any part of your apartment or bring it along when you go visiting the grandparents'.



  • Highchair
  • Feeding tray


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Product weight

Product net weight 4,85 kg
Product gross weight 6,00 kg


Folded 90 x 56 x 30 cm
Built up 83 x 57 x 98 cm
Age Information
  • from 6 months to 15 kg
Safety Belt
  • 5-Point Harness
Storage Basket Yes